Best Paid Forum Software

Forum Software allows you to create an online community to stay in touch with each other. Both free and paid forum software options are available in the market. Paid forum software comes with many features and supports, that is essential to run an engaging community. Here is the list of Best Paid Forum software.

1. Xenforo – Paid Forum Software

A compelling community experience. Intuitive, social, engaging and fast XenForo brings a fresh outlook to the forum software. With XenForo there is no need to pay more for your search engine optimization needs. Allow people to easily see all the recent happenings on your forum, beyond just the messages posted.

Paid Forum Software by XenForo

Purchase from $140

2. Invision Power Services

The IPS Community Suite is a flexible, integrated set of apps for building great communities on the web. Gives fans a place to gather and wax lyrical on your terms. Reduce support overheads, Grow customer loyalty and Improve employee sharing.

Paid Forum Software by Invision Power Board

Purchase from $200

3. vBulletin

Build your site on the world’s leading community software, vBulletin provides unparalleled capabilities for building community websites. The software facilitates increased content creation, more engaging content discovery and simplified site management.

vBulletin Forum

Purchase for $249

4. WoltLab

Awarded as the best forum software multiple times, our forum solution “Burning Board®” provides an unparalleled experience for users and administrators alike, giving your community a worthy place to stay, discuss and share. You can’t buy success, but you can pick the right tool.


Purchase from $89

Do you use free or paid forum software for your community?


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